GW 2021 Release Predictions

You wait 20 years for a Zoat and two come along at once.

My predictions last year missed the global pandemic but, as it wasn’t a release from Games Workshop, it doesn’t count.

Last year we got Sisters of Battle, Primaris Marines, Necrons, High Elves and a most of the AOS Slaanesh range. In 2021 there is going to be a continuation of the disruptions of 2020 which will almost certainly effect GW releases. Let’s find out…

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Xmas 2020 gift guide…

….assuming we make it.

It’s that time of year again: Christmas. Or as it will be soon known, “Lockdown with Presents”.

Do you have all the firewood, antiseptic medication, and toilet paper you need? Do you have any money left? Is the economy even still functioning? If you answered, yes, to any of these questions then I’ve selected a few products you might be interested in unwrapping under your makeshift Christmas tree.

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