Olden Demon 2023 – Rules

General Rules:

  1. Your entry must be a metal Games Workshop miniature or a relevant thematic plastic miniature, ask me if you’re not sure.
  2. Your entry must be painted entirely by you.
  3. Conversions, i.e back banners, head swaps, etc. are allowed.
  4. Alterations to conceal issues with the original sculpts are allowed.
  5. Your entry must have a green base, ideally in the old (pre 2000’s) Eavy Metal style.
  6. The competition runs until 31st May 2023.
  7. Be aware that your entries will be reposted on Instagram or YouTube with your full credit.
  8. Rules are subject to change incase I’ve left in a loophole or need to address a common issue.


  1. The competition will be judged by me.
  2. I might be painting along but not entering.
  3. I will try and minimized my own bias, however for disclosures sake I am a 9ft tall blood-drinking cyber-lizard. Therefore other robo-reptilians might receive higher marks.

Social Tags:

  1. Use the hashtag #OldendemonWIP for work in progress shots.
  2. Submit your entry on Instagram using the hashtag #Oldendemon2023 on or before 31st May 2023.
  3. Alternate views of the final miniature are strongly encouraged and will be taken into consideration during the judging.

Winners and Prizes:

  • Winners are listed from 1st to 5th place.
  • In addition 5 entries will be marked as commended.
  • Prizes are TBC.
  • Winners will be announced on Instagram @Chilvers_Industries and on YouTube @Olden_Demon in June.

Have fun…

Fun’ not legally binding.