You did it! Well done.

You have proven your loyalty to the cause.

We should get matching signet rings or tattoos to celebrate.

…Actually I have a better idea, I’m creating a membership platform. I haven’t advertised it yet.

After a lot of playing around and looking at the pros and cons of different sites I went for Ko-Fi.

Ko-Fi is like Patreon, but nicer looking and allows me to set goals, sell mech, give members digital art, curate my own gallery and all kinds of cool stuff.

There are 3 tiers, a basic support tier, a tier that allows you to steer the content and a super awesome tier that I’m going to add cool stuff to. The idea is to under-promise and over deliver.

So if you fancy it, sign up for whichever and we can chat.

If not, no problem. You can simply enjoy the satisfaction of solving my puzzle. More videos will be coming soon.

Have a nice rest of your day.