2021 Year In Review

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In 2020 one man made 40 predictions about the upcoming year. That man was me. This is my story…

Codex Emperors Children and…
*   Fulgrim.
*   Lucius the Eternal.
*   Noise Marines.
*   Slaanesh Hell-Strider scout titan.
*   A Craftworld Eldar codex mini release with:
*   Rangers / Pathfinders.
*   Some of the more exotic plastic aspect warriors. I hope for Warp Spiders but it could be any of the squads with a known Phoenix Lord.
*   No Avatar
*   Ork codex with that new miniature, I think it’s a Mad Doc of some kind.
*   Ad Mech codex with only that teased Ad Mech miniature.
*   Sisters of Battle codex and wave of releases including:
*   Death cult assassins.
*   A preacher.
*   A missionary.
*   Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor.

With the smoothness of a Swooping Hawk I managed to get every miniature release wrong. As least I got the stuff about an Avatar and a single Admech miniature correct.


Guess 1
*   A new chamber of Stormcast Eternals, the Logister Chamber
Opposing them will be….
*   Vampire Pirates, (they will be called Vampirates by someone on the Warhammer Community team). They will look a lot like Flesh Eater Courts mixed with sharks and have a small flying ship in the starter set.
Guess 2 (more likely)
*   The Covenant Chamber, a group of Stormcast Golems who are unleashed to fight against the betrayal of…
*   The Dark Elves, or as they will be known, the Umbraneth.
*   Female Umbraneth Lord in the boxed set.
*   Malerion (released separately).
*   If this happens then Vampirates will be a separate release.

I really went hard on the Vampirates only to discover they were some really nice Soulblight Gravelords. Instead GW came out of left-field and dropped some swampy Orcs instead. I really like the direction GW went by just making better looking Stormcast Eternals and hopefully by AoS version 4 in 2024 they will have fully replaced the rest of the range.


*   Chaos Warriors, Lizardmen, Vampire/Pirates, Savage Orruks, Ossiarch Bone-Reapers and the Sea Elves (Idoneth Deepkin) for Q1-2.
*   A new boxed set in Q4 with the new Stormcast releases and whoever is in the AOS boxed set (this is why I think we will see Umbraneth in the boxed set).

I finally smashed it down to the release date of the new set. Though a lot of this was GW hints.


*   Cawdor and Delaque upgrades (already known).
*   Spyrers in Q4. Let’s face it, they would need a massive redesign.

Why would we get Spyrers when we could get civilians (note to self, insert the sarcastic emoji here). To be fair that Necromunda market set looks super cool.


Adeptus Titanicus
*   Warbringer with Volcano Cannon (almost certainly).
*   Banelord Titan.
*   No Imperator Titan.
*   No Eldar Titans.

I thought a rumour engine image was a Banelord, whoops. We got Armigers and some Admech knights but the lack of scope for Titanicus has caught up with it.


Aeronautica Imperialis
*   This year we will see either Space Marines or Eldar.
Both factions have decent and popular ranges however putting both in the same expansion box is like putting a hat on a hat.
*   I’m guessing the second faction in this boxed set will be Chaos but no-one will care because a plastic Thunderhawk is what people want AND BY THORS HAMMER THEY SHALL HAVE IT.

By Thor’s hammer they put a hat on a hat. Are we really getting Chaos Vs Necrons or Tyranids next year?


*   The people demand Chaos Dwarfs AND BY THE BEARD OF ODIN THEY SHALL HAVE THEM.

By the beard of Odin they did not give us Chaos Dwarfs. But we got Dungeonbowl.


Lord of the Rings
*   More rescaled releases, probably something that goes well with the TV series, mind you, this might be the last chance to get a plastic version of the film version of Sauron.

I was very vague here because LOTRs is a legacy release and the new series is due late 2022 so filling in gaps was the name of the game. The board game was a nice touch though.


Forgeworld Primarch:
*   Forgeworld will release Jhagetti Khan. Surely.

They did just that.


Not going to see due to COVID
*   New Lord of the Rings TV show or base set.
*   Eisenhorn TV show or tie in game.
*   In person versions of Golden Demon, Adepticon, or Salute.
*   Warhammer Quest – 2021 edition.
*   GorkaMorka.
*   Battlefleet Gothic.

I thought these were easy guesses but not only did we get Salute but we got  an amazing Warhammer Quest 2021 release.


*   I think we will see a big push to create a online store that sells 3D printed 3rd party conversion kits that fit existing GW models. Something that looks like what Forgeworld used to do with Imperial Guard tanks. Something like a more user friendly Shapeways.

Nope, we just got dozens of Patreons.


Total: 14/40

So this year I scored 35%, down from last years score of 67%, I never twigged we would get Black Templars, Kruleboyz, Beastsnaggas, and/or the Death Korp of Kreig, but I’m happy that we did.

For next years predictions stay tuned…

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