Xmas 2020 gift guide…

….assuming we make it.

It’s that time of year again: Christmas. Or as it will be soon known, “Lockdown with Presents”.

Do you have all the firewood, antiseptic medication, and toilet paper you need? Do you have any money left? Is the economy even still functioning? If you answered, yes, to any of these questions then I’ve selected a few products you might be interested in unwrapping under your makeshift Christmas tree.

Base Tufts from Rival Crafts

Ever wanted something to make your bases really pop, what about super luminescent tufts? What about glow in the dark tufts? Base your army with these then convince the gaming group to turn all the lights out to really show them off.

Luminous Pigments from Hera Models

Talking about ultra-vibrant colours, try adding these to your bases for a real kick. See this great example from Will_Paints.

Leaf Punch from Green Stuff World

For a more subdued effect. Paint some nice greens and browns onto a thin sheet of paper and then punch it into leaf shapes. Or paint the paper luminescent colours and apply the above pigments to the base for the full Lewis Carroll treatment.

Transfers from The Mighty Brush

Does freehand both terrify and excite you? If so try some of these transfers instead. Correct use of these with Microset and Microsol can create really impressive eye-catching features on models. Oh yes, those are the Retributors from Astartes.

Display Plinth from Taro Modelmaker

If you are planning on entering anything in a painting competition at any level, do yourself a favor and attach it to a plinth so people grab hold of that rather than the tiny base rim.

Brushes by Artis Opus

Full disclaimer: I am employed by Siege Studios but not receiving anything for my endorsement of them.

My go-to set of brushes now. Honestly, Series D might well have changed the face of painting for a lot of people. Check out their Youtube channel for all the tutorials you need. Bonus points if you can pick up one of their limited edition Halloween, Black Friday, and Christmas sets.

Paints by Warcolours

One of my favorite brands. but don’t take my word for it, ask Vince Venturella who has done many videos of their uses over the years. Standouts include the fluorescent set and their purples and teals as well as the Nostalgia ’88 set which mirrors the original 1988 citadel colour release.

Marneus Calgar written by Kieron Gillen

Changing gears slightly, Kieron Gillen has been a lifelong Warhammer fan as well as a great comics writer so if there is anyone who has the credentials to approach this project, it had to be him. Find your local comic shop here.

Warhammer Art Print by Games Workshop

Signed your contempt for all the new gorgeously rendered artwork that Games Workshop produces by ordering a 900mm by 600mm framed print of the 1989 Space Marine box. The one where Jim Burns just copied the shot of Al Pacino in Scarface. Your wall will thank you.

T-Shirt by 28 Mag

If you’ve enjoyed the free 28 magazines then you could either back their Patreon or just buy something from their Redbubble store. Or just contribute to their next one.

Space Marine Heroes by Games Workshop

When anyone mentions how much they prefer the proportions of Primaris Marines compared to Firstborn, I point out how nice these models look. Also, I’m a sucker for randomly generated rewards. Series 1 is hard to find, Series 2 can still be brought in certain stores yet I haven’t seen Series 3 anywhere yet despite them being released for ages.

Three Spirit by Three Spirit Drinks

…And finally. If James Bond can play poker while drinking martinis you should be able to play wargames or paint miniatures while sipping one too. And with a non-alcoholic alternative, you won’t end up on the floor before finishing.

Happy Christmas

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