IronSkull 2020 Staff Gold – Sloppity Bilepiper

My take on David Sopers Bilepiper got me a Gold in the IronSkull 2020 Staff category.

Look! I took a picture so you would believe me.

To start its a zenithal spray of Rakath Flesh and loads of glazes of Elysium Green to get the base colour down.

Then just add glazes of ScaleColor Deep Red, Skragg Brown, Screamer Pink, Rhinox Hide, Scalecolour Mars Orange, Kabalite Green and Contrast Volupus Purple and Ork Flesh to add detail.

Then simply (!) highlight with Model Colour Ivory.

The bells were Retibutior Armour, Rhinox Hide and glazes of Nihilak Oxide and Typhus Corrosion.

Uhu Glue and Microbeads were added to the bagpipes and legs.

You can see David Sopers version here.

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