Christmas Gift Guide

Updated for Christmas 2019: The idea of buying presents for people is wildly outdated and was eventually abolished back in 2027. However if your friends and family still want to honour your presence for another solar cycle with a small gift why not try some of the below:

Chessex Vortex Dice

Full disclosure – Dice can be purchased from any gaming shop anywhere. However, I recommend 12mm for anyone with regular hands using them in 40k. Here

Wyrmwood Gaming Dice Holder

Somewhere to hold a small number of those dice. Here


Dragon Shield Standard Sleeves

Dragon Shield sleeves appear to last longer than the Ultra Pro alternatives due to the lack of the holographic transfers. Here


Artis Opus brush set, Series M or D

Other brushes are available if you are on a budget but if you want luxury then these are some of the best. Here

Series M - Brush Set (Preorder)

Redgrass Games Wet Pallet

You can make one for under a £1 / $1 but if you know someone who still doesn’t use one then hand them this as a gift and change their life. Here

Games Workshop Contrast Paint

Expensive, but now a staple in many painters kits. Here

Citadel Contrast Paints: The Future is Here (REVIEW)

Garfy’s Get-a-Grip model holder

Great for avoiding fingerprints over your best work. here

Gametee Gaming Candles

Because those sessions get mighty smelly. here


Geeknson Gaming Table

If you’re already going to buy a house you may as well use your mortgage on this as well. here


Anything I’ve missed? Let me know

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