Firstborn Lamenters Marine

Thanks to Darren Latham my yellow has improved.

I’m growing increasingly addicted to “Big D’s” YouTube channel. After his video on Imperial Fists Power armour, I had to try it out on a spare Marine.


  • Base spray Wraithbone or White
  • Yriel Yellow
  • Averland Sunset recess shade and glazes over darker areas
  • Averland Sunset scarf brown 70/30 glaze into recesses
  • Scragg Brown glaze at bottom of panels and recesses
  • Doombull recesses
  • Rhinox Hide deepest recesses
  • Yriel Yellow glazes to clean up
  • Flash Gitz Yellow glaze highlights
  • Dorn Yellow edges (I used Model Color Ice Yellow 70.858)
  • Soften out with glazes
  • White dot highlights


  • Dorn Yellow chips and scratches (I used Model Color Ice Yellow 70.858)
  • Shade in with Scrag Brown
  • Shade other scratches with Doombull for variance
  • Glaze steel legion drab on feet for dust
  • Glaze Dryad Dark onto soles of feet

Other videos I used for this are Urban Basing, Gems and Eyes and Applying Transfers.

That chapter symbol is a bit of a killer though.

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