Lord Varlak – Colours List

Finally my love affair with this model and associated White Dwarf reaches its full, horrifying conclusion.


  • Basecoat: Macragge Blue
  • Shade In Recess: Kantor Blue / Abaddon Black 50/50
  • Chunky Edge Highlight: Macragge Blue / Calgar Blue 50/50
  • Edge Highlight: Calgar Blue
  • Edge Highlight: Fenrisian Grey
  • Edge Highlight: Blue Horror

Black Areas

  • Base – Mix Black And Dark Reaper
  • Dark Reaper Chunky Edge Highlight
  • Edge Thunderhawk Blue
  • Final Fenrisian Grey

White Body

  • Ulthuan Grey Basecoat
  • Shade With Thunderhawk Blue Mixed With Lahmian Medium
  • Highlight Ulthuan Grey
  • Highlight White

Yellow Cloak Line And Gloves

  • White basecoat
  • Yriel Yellow
  • Flash Gitz Highlights


  • Shade: Mephiston Red/ Black 50/50
  • Smooth Out: Mephiston Red  
  • Highlight: Evil Suns Scarlet
  • Highlight: Evil Sunz Scarlet / Tau Light Ochre 50/50
  • Final Highlight: Tau Light Ochre

Orange And Jewel

  • Mephiston Red
  • Evil Sunz Scarlett
  • Troll Slayer Orange
  • Fire Dragon Bright


  • Basecoat: Retributor Armour
  • Shade Reikland Fleshade/Reikland Fleshsade Gloss 50/50
  • Controlled Shade: Doombull Brown / Black 50/50
  • Smooth Out: Liberator Gold
  • Blend Up: Liberator Gold/Stormhost Silver 50/50
  • Sharp Highlight: Stormhost Silver


  • Basecoat Zandri Dust
  • Agrax / Lahmian Medium Mix All Over
  • Undiluted Applied in Deepest Recesses
  • Layer Zandri Dust Avoiding Deepest Recesses
  • Ushabti Bone
  • Pallid Wyche Flesh

Purity Seal

  • Zandri Dust
  • Ushabti Bone
  • Screaming Skull Highlights
  • Screaming Skull + White
  • Sepia Shade

I was working with this picture as the source material:

Probably should have waited for the 28mm bases to be released but hey ho.

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