Slaanesh Cataphractii Terminator

This is my entry for the Everchosen Competition. For more information check it out here.


  • Black and white zenithal highlight
  • Daler Rowney artists ink Magenta airbrushed over the top
  • Highlights: Scalecolor Fuchsia and GW Emperors Children
  • Clean up with GW Screamer Pink
  • Weathering stipples with GWs contrast paints: Volupus Pink, Magos Purple, Nazdred Yellow, Ork Flesh, Akhelian Green
  • Scratches, Rhinox Hide Highlighted with the above


  • Vallejo Metal Air Gunmetal, Scalecolor Thrash Metal, Scalecolor Heavy Metal, Scalecolor Speedd Metal (this is how they spell it)
  • Shading: Black, Akhelian Green and Vallejo glaze medium


  • Retributor Armour, Reikland Fleshshade gloss, Auric Armour Gold, Liberator Gold, Vallejo Silver mixed with Liberator gold
  • Glaze: Seraphim Sepia

The Green Base

  • Black and white zenithal highlight
  • Airbrush Sybarite Green
  • Airbrush Sybarite Green and white mix
  • Gloss varnish
  • Add transfers
  • Matt varnish (probably should be gloss)
  • Sponge Sybarite Green and white mix
  • Drybrush Sybarite Green and white mix
  • Sponge Vallejo Gunmetal
  • Sponge black
  • Nuln Oil Matt / Nuln Oil Gloss and wick away


  • Sponge Fire Dragon Bright
  • Selected wash Scragg Brown
  • Selected wash Fire Dragon Bright
  • Selected wash Reikland Fleshshade
  • I think I put a final stippling


  • Celestra Grey
  • Shade Thunderhawk Blue and Fenrisian Grey with some medium
  • Highlights Ulthuan Grey and Pallid Wyche Flesh
  • Wash of 1 part Agrax Eathshade and 3 parts Lahmium Medium
  • Stipple with the weathering approach above


  • Vallejo Metal Color Copper
  • Nihilakh Oxide

Any questions? Do you want any more photos of this miniature, let me know in the comments.

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