Primaris Chaplain

I have taken notes on everything I’ve painted in the last few years but I can’t find these ones. I’ll just have to improvise.

Black power armour was painted using this tutorial by Figure Mentors.

The cloak was painted using this tutorial by Warhammer TV.

The silver metallics were Scalecolor, the gold was Vallejo Metal Color Gold. This was before I did more work on my metallic game.

The base was baking soda, Evil Sunz Scarlett and Rhinox Hide with some pigments over it.

I can’t remember how I painted the head, it involved citadel paints and I really need to duplicate it somehow so if you want to know, chase me up in the comments and I’ll try and reverse engineer it.

I took him to the Siege Studios painting course and asked for high level feedback on what to improve to take him to the next level, here are the suggestions:

  • Make the scratches smaller on the gun pouch
  • Edge highlight every diamond on the haft of the Crozius
  • Change the colour of the Crozius to red
  • On parchment add parchment colour to black and use that for the writing instead of black
  • Vary the sizes on scratches everywhere
  • Writing on back of banner as well as front
  • Use the dot on the thigh as a gem and add other light dots on armour
  • Paint the gem on the crozius
  • Paint the wings of the crozius copper rather than gold to break it up
  • chip it with darker gold then scratch it up
  • Rivets on shoulder pads could be copper with verdigris to add colour
  • Paint green lenses under the barrel of the gun and on the back of it
  • Glaze “Object Source Lighting” from them on the thumb

I might go back but more likely I will just take these notes and apply them to other projects.

If you have any questions then let me know in the comments.

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