Eldrad Ulthran

I went for the “original” colour scheme for Eldrad. And when I say original I mean March 1994, White Dwarf 171.

This is what he looked like then.

This wasn’t so much a hard paint job, just a case of repeatedly having to check the original picture to work out which colours went where on his rainbow staff.

He took about 20-30 hours. He was originally painted with a brown base but after multiple tests, I finally nailed how to do a proper retro green base.

FYI, here is the recipe for the base.

  • PVA and Fine Buff ballast by Woodland Scenics
  • 50/50 Warboss Green and water washed over the sand
  • Drybrush of Skarsnick Green
  • Drybrush of Ogryn Camo
  • The rim is Warboss Green

As a final step to avoid it looking too washed out I would add a light drybrush of Yriel Yellow.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments.

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