Over 20 Great Hobby Blogs

Instagram and YouTube might be where people get their main fix of hobby goodness these days but when I’m waiting in line at the off-licence, piloting a fighter jet or at a parole hearing I can’t just pop my headphones in.

Sometimes I need something more.

Here are over 20 blogs that might inspire, horrify or inform.

The Mighty Brush

Anyone who updates a post within 24 hours after I message them about it on Facebook is a worthy source of information. Luthor also sells transfer sheets and tutorials in his webstore which I have to try out.

Hessers Space

The blog behind that Imperial Fist Marine. Interestingly the secret ingredient is a Coat d’arms paint.

Massive Voodoo

When they aren’t doing seminars, private coaching, selling resin bases or pre painted models they post on this blog. One of them is Roman Lappat and you can buy his 480 hour, Slayer Sword winning diorama “The Last Light” for only €6,500.

Razza mini painting

The legendary Darren Latham is pushing his presence on Instagram these days but pops his best bits on his blog for the discerning viewer.

Hagen pinxit

Hagen is a green stuff wizard. My personal favourite of the Blog des Kouzes crew for his “Caravan of the Hundred Moons” warband. A hobby polymath.

Blog des Kouzes

A four person blog, one of which is a professional miniature designer. Best on a browser that can use google translate to make sense of it. That said, if you knock out models that looks like this you don’t need to worry too much.

Mengal Miniatures

Tyler Mengel runs a blog that showcases others while providing some great tutorials. Resulting in two quality posts a week and an impressive back catalogue of work.

Gardens of Hecate

Going all in on dirty Blanchitsu, Mordheim vibe (but in a good way) the Gardens of Hecate currently sells its own themed playing card deck. Check out the embalmed sculptures. Ana’s hobby desk must now look like Victorian freak show.

Lead Plague

Focusing on models over 20 years and catering to the hobbyist who want a giant dose of nostalgia. I’m already considering a second edition plastic Gretchen for my own collection after reading it.

Tale of Painters

In a similar style to Mengel Miniatures this collaborative hobby blog rolls out reviews and high quality tutorials every other day while hosting a neat side business of selling painting handles.


Volomir currently publishes a weekly roundup of his favourite miniatures and occasionally articles of the week. Equally inspiring and terrifying.


Kieron Gillen‘s hobby blog. He’s the guy behind, DIE, The Wicked and the Devine, Phonogram and the writer of various Star Wars and Marvel comics. Also the guy behind the “Heroin for middle-class nerds” quote which sounds much worse than he intended.


Jakob Rune Nielsen‘s hobby blog. His archive is here with his 2 Slayer Sword winners and 17 Golden Demon statues from the mid noughties. The tutorials are dated but still produce some excellent effects.


Along with Leadplague, Sho3box is mining that rich seam of Oldhammer / Retrohammer resulting in some interesting projects like the above Man O War fleet and a retro Ork killteam.

Sprokets Small World

David Soper is one of the top miniature painters in the world, recently taking home Gold at salute 2019 and Silver in the Golden Demon for the hotly contested Single Miniature category. He is 5 Slayer Swords deep so far and runs painting workshops if you fancy something more in depth than the tutorials on his site.

Wilhel Miniatures

Helge Wilhelm Dahl put a container ship on a Warlord Titan. He is more active on Instagram these days where he focuses on putting horrific organic conversions together. Nightmare fuel.


I interviewed Johan long before he was being interviewed by Warhammer Community, that’s my one claim to fame here. Honestly, check it out, it was pretty good.

Agis Page of Miniatures

In a word, prolific. Agis has been painting since the 90’s and he seems to add new stuff every week, check out the archives for his cool looking Dark Harlequins.


My pick for best miniature photography on the internet, Curis now has a Patreon with excellent miniature painting tutorials. He just needs to spill the beans on how he manages his camera wizardry.

Have I missed any great websites out? Let me know in the comments.

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