Here’s what I got when I brought a mates army

I’m waiting for a nice new painting and photography lamp recommended to me by the guys at Siege Studio to up my painting and camera game, in the meantime here are some Imperial Guard painted by Morat over at Morat’s Miniatures. I purchased these from him a couple of years ago back in 7th edition when Guard had a terrible reputation in the game and he was having trouble selling them on eBay. Times have changed and due to the need for screening units, these are now extremely viable in competitive play.

The army was built around 2010 to abuse the excellent order rules they had at that point, as such it is mainly infantry with a couple of sentinels in support and host of converted plastic characters. I got them for between £200 and £300 for 70 models painted to a heavy metal style.

While I would love to claim that they were mine every time I take them out I can’t help but imagine the effort I’d have had to put into the army to have them looking this way. With the huge amount of miniature painting services out there a job like this is ideal to outsource.

If you think you’d like that kind of challenge then look out for my upcoming article on how to set systems up to paint more models in a faster time. It should be making an appearance on the programme at UKGE on June 1-3 but I might be showing bits off in the meantime.


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