Blanchitsu Stormcast

Its done. The Start Collecting box has been painted within the month allotted. I think its about 40 hours work but i’m including mistakes and test colour schemes that were quickly painted over.4BEC917E-713B-4595-8344-C75CE54A2E1B_polarr

The photos are looking much better now I have them in front of a black background, however I made a huge error and sprayed them all with Purity Seal (now called Munitorium Varnish) which gives them a Satin finish. This looks fine with the naked eye but makes their chestplates glow once you photograph them. I’m going to look into something to matt them up.F875F890-93DD-48A6-B559-1B8D279A731C_polarr.jpg

The heads are from the old Empire swordsmen sprue but some are far too small for the bodies, I saved the best one with the beard for the leader above


Here are the two Retributors shot on the same background, I think I used so much weathering powder it muted the effects of that satin varnish which is a stroke of luck.

The rest of the shots will be up soon and a tutorial for the metal once I can sort out the photo situation.


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