Battle for Vedros Bad

Battle for Vedros has hit the UK. Battle for Vedros bad. Really bad.

I explain.
Wargaming hard. Buy kit. Buy book. Make kit. Read book. Paint models. Uh oh, new expansion…
People like hard. Join Frat Society. Climb Everest. Play Minecraft Prison Sever. Reach North Pole. Run Tough Mudder.
Toy shops don’t like hard. Lego easy. Nerf easy. Monopoly Easy. Multi part kits hard. Don’t sell. Clearance sale for more Angry Birds stock.
But Battle for Veldos sell in US? Yes and no. Retail stockists buy for test. Workshop make profits. Workshop happy. Retail stockists can’t sell stock. Workshop don’t care. Already made money. Find new market.
But Veldos snap fit? Star Wars snap fit sell? Spitfire snap fit sell? Same?
No. Workshop has no film. Workshop has no World War.
But “Game” buy Battle for Veldos?
Game is Blockbuster. Game is Polaroid camera. Game is T Rex. Steam kill Game. Bye bye Game.
What if you wrong?
If wrong then more snap fit kits. 1000s of toy shops worldwide. Workshop make big cash.
Workshop make Codex? 
No. Workshop make snap fit Marine.
Workshop make Dwarf? 
No. Workshop make snap fit Dwarf.
If Workshop make money. Workshop lower prices and employ second staff member?

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