White Dwarf, vol 1, Issue 117

That guy is pouting like a pro. He will eventually complete the first Dark Angel photoshoot for Prada.


Cuttings straight to an advert in this issue, the Citadel Space Marine paint set is shown with all the paints needed to paint either Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Space Wolves or as a curveball the Salamanders! Interestingly the Salamander colour scheme is a much darker green than their later appearance and the red accents make them look like Dark Angels. Now considering that the Dark Angels are shown on the cover with white markings I’m wondering if there was some kind of snafu in the Eavy Metal painting department at some point here to account for it.

In Culture Shock this month: Advanced Heroquest is coming out soon, Marauder Miniatures will be creating models for Games Workshops IPs (even though they were doing it already), WFRP gets is own offshoot publisher called Flame. Interesting a month after Critical Mass gets cancelled GW release 6 of their own novels, I expect there would be a conflict of interests there. Talking about things being cancelled: Warhammer Rock is announced with albums from Bolt Thrower and Batfish, there is even a single called Out of Kontroll (sp) by the Hungry Trolls. Apparently it was going to be sold in stores but I can’t find any reference to it.


Eavy Metal starts off early this month with miniatures from Mike Beard and Richard Kernick and also Daniel Clift who paints epic troopers with the detail that you would expect from a normal miniature.


Talking about Epic, Codex Titanicus gives us a whole lot of content: Drop Pods, Thunderbolt (not Thunderhawk) Drop Ships, markings for Space Marine Tactical, Assault and Devastator squads (although they don’t look much like today’s markings) giant super heavy Imperial Transports, Stormboyz, Madboyz, Swooping Hawks, Avenging Warriors (more like guardians than Dire Avengers) and Falcon grav tanks.

Confusingly midway through the article we get a page of background and an excellent picture of Leman Russ (the primarch not the tank), again most of it has been updated in the canon so the part about Lion El’Jonson dying before the Horus Heresy and Russ taking a sword through the heart during his duel has been retconned (unless i missed this in a Black Library book.


Talking about novels, the star of the show is Drachenfels, it gets an article describing the novel and giving rules for characters to be used on WFRP.

Remember the Ork Scorcher, it’s a giant flamethrower on wheels. In the excellent illustration by Paul Bonner it also has a sand bucket onboard for putting out accidental fires. As with the style at the time it gets 4 different damage tables for each area of it that gets hit.


The Rhino gets rereleased in a single box only now containing only one of them for £4.99 or in modern day money £10.


Remember the strange Inquisitors and Dwarf on skis released last issue? Eavy Metal paints them up and that Dwarf looks pretty good.


Next up a newish feature, rules for the Whirlwind missile launcher and instructions on how to build one yourself using the new Rhino kit using loads of plasticard, spare parts on the spruce and a 40mm miniature base. The end result doesn’t look that bad and actually fits in with the design style of the Rhino. It’s not going to win any awards these days but back in the day it would have functioned fine.


Trolls in the Pantry gets an expansion in White Dwarf called Zog Off. I can’t say if this is good or bad but I’m going to take a guess at bad.

There is a 6-page short story this issue as well: “No Gold In The Grey Mountains”, which takes place in the history of Games Workshops main story Drachenfels.

Marauder Miniatures gives us Chaos and regular Dwarfs, the standard Dwarfs look like they have the same uniforms as the regular Empire soldiers eventually will be wearing.


Again Eavy Metal paints up a miniature in stages, this month its Lewdgrip Whiparm, there are a couple of examples of painted Whirlwinds and Leman Russ and his two pet wolves.


Pete Taylor brings out more of his Chaos creatures, the last time he was featured was back in WD110. There are even rules for each of these creatures that were generated using the tables in Realm of Chaos.


Meanwhile Fraser Grey shows of some really striking red and pale green Chaos models.


You can tell that the Eavy Metal sections were a key piece of the marketing of White Dwarf because they actually advertised back issues based on what appeared in Eavy Metal at that time.

Space Hulk gets more weapons and rules for creating your own Terminator squads which must have scratched the itch of the hardcore wargamers who wanted to use all the new models that were released many months ago now.

And out of the blue it’s another battle report. Once again Warhammer Fantasy battle is the system and it features a game played at Games Day between High Elves and Skaven. However as the colour sections in the magazine were taken up by Eavy Metal models the battle report had to be illustrated with hand drawn graphics of the armies taking part and the state of the battlefield each turn.


In the catalogue sections we get terminators of all types including from the Ordo Malleus and some Dwarf war machines.

On the back cover my ignorance is revealed as the red traitor marines were Thousand Sons so the “M” would stand for Magnus.


This is of interest to you because:

  • The Eavy Metal features are nice to look at even today.
  • There is a 6 page short story that is still relevant
  • Adeptus Titanicus is growing in the same way Rogue Trader did with lots of ideas thrown out a few of which will stick.

Model of the month:

  • The shrouded Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, since the Ordo Malleus will vanish into obscurity throughout the 90’s during The Golden Age of Games Workshop this guy will remain as the best example of an inquisitor in the canon.


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