White Dwarf, vol 1, Issue 116

Ultramarines and World Eaters. Best of Friends


A lot of new arrivals this month including more artists, editors and miniature makers, Jervis playtests a gladiator game (I’m guessing this was shelved) and plans for two expansions to Space Marine. This would turn out to be Eldar and Chaos Renegades and Ork and Squat Warlords.

Warhammer Fantasy battle gets some love with Dwarf Ski Troops who yodel at their enemies. This must have gone down well during the nice sunny August in 1989.


There is a new double page spread to advertise Space Marine in this issue with Eldar forces assisting an Ultramarine force against Chaos, the Chaos Marines all have a “M” on their banners and I’m not sure what that stand for.


Do you find your games of Adeptus Titanicus blogged down when you use 6 or more Titans? If the answer is yes, then you’re in luck because here’s some simplified Titan damage rules. These were the days when simplified meant only 3 different damage tables. There were also rules for the Predator and the new Vindicator as well as the improbable Termite and Mole tunnelling machines. The article is capped off with some more excellent artwork of a Chaos Titan assaulting some imperial fortifications. Also check out the really old school data card look for all the new kit.


Eavy metal show you how to paint he worlds least threatening dragon and some Imperial Knights. Check out the really old style Chaos Dwarfs as well before they went all big hat.


Rogue trader gets squeezed out a bit his issue as we only have two pages for Terminator Assault squads.

Talking of terminators, the Golden Demon awards featured a number of examples of one of the prototype terminators painted up in pretty crazy colours.


Continuing with the terminator theme we get rules for Traitor Terminators that can be added to the Realm of Chaos army lists.

Ork Gargants on Adeptus Titanicus? Why want for their supplement? Have 13 pages. Look at how happy those dreadnoughts are.


Wait, whats going on here:


One of the more impressive collections of figures in Eavy metal features the work of Fraser Gray and a group of goblins and undead creatures. Nice freehand work on their patchwork clothes.


Talking about freehand work, John Blanche shows off yet more figures from this book Ratspike. Would you convert and paint a mutated Minotaur carrying a banner featuring a replica of the Mona Lisa? If not then why?


Check out some of the freehand banners for the Golden Demon awards, I wonder is any of them survived the journey back home.


Genestealer cults get the second part of their army list including the infamous Cult Limo, rogue pskyers, Beastmen and mutant bombs. There is a 4 page article on how to create a cult and the experience and post-game skills they will pick up.

The magazine ends with the catalogue section that shows off some crazy Inquisitors, Space Marine Scouts, Genestealer hybrids, Epic vehicles and or course the Dwarf Mountaineer.


The back page is a painted Epic Ork army and a rare Harlequin vs Genestealer cult showdown.


This is of interest to you if:

  • You like painted chequers on your miniatures.
  • You like Genestealers
  • You want to see a lot of cool Adeptus Titanicus artwork


Model of the month:

  • The Dwarf Mountaineer of course

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