White Dwarf, vol 1, Issue 115

Did you look like this while you played Heroquest? I think they missed out the bits of crisps and foam around the mouth but it’s pretty close.


Starting off this issue we have Commissar Cadet squads for the Imperial Guard in Rogue Trader, the special rules here function as part of a campaign to allow cadets that gain enough experience over the course of your battles to be promoted up to a real Commissar.


Critical Mass reaches the end of its run in White Dwarf, David V Barrett closes by looking at a variety of books including a couple of tarot artwork books. Sadly it’s clear that the series is out of place in a magazine literally brimming with wargames and background material for Rogue Trader and Adeptus Titanicus. Goodnight sweet prince.


Andy Jones tells us how he organised Games Day 89 which involved the designers running gaming stands that gradually became overrun by the crowds of players. It also mentioned a Warhammer 40k roleplaying game, I’m guessing that was another idea that got shelved over time. The winners of Golden Demon get colour photos (I grabbed the images from the link), the nicest of which is the chimera that won 1st place in the monster category. The events included live medieval re-enactments, LARPing and historical wargaming from the English Civil War Society. Even Bolt Thrower turned up. Remember them.


As was the style at the time Space Hulk got extra rules almost immediately upon release, these were for Commanders, Librarians and new weapons like the assault cannon. All these rules would eventually become part of the base game. There are even cut out and keep board sections in this issue. Did you know? The summary sheet is written in the font that would eventually be used exclusively for Orks.


Eavy Metal shows off the studios own personal work again which includes a DJing Treeman, a BloodBowl Chaos star thrower with a tentacle arm and more Ogryns with ripper guns.


Illustrations returns to give us a double page spread of one of my favourite artists, Paul Bonner. Most of this is early work but his style of capturing events in motion rather than specific battle scenes is evident.


Talisman gets its first article in White Dwarf since I’ve been reviewing it, this features rules for allowing you character to be swapped out during the game for a “master level” version. Its interesting although I think the cut out cards that you add to your deck could be a bit conspicuous.


This is followed by one of the most epic double pages spreads for a game I’ve ever seen. It’s for the soon to be released expansion / supplement for Adeptus Titanicus called Space Marine. The diorama features what look like Heresy era World Eaters against Ultramarines backed up with Titans. If you compare this with the advert that Rogue Trader got you’ll see that Workshop had massively improved the quality of their advertising for new games. They even used dry ice to simulate smoke over the battlefield.


Eavy Metal once again gives us some shots of presumably readers models, it’s easy to knock the results but when you remember a lot of them have no books to copy or clear liveries they need to adhere to the results are pretty nice. I like the birdshit painted on the rocks the Harlequins are leaping over because why not?


The Charge! rules from last issue take an unexpected turn when after introducing more abilities Jervis Johnson effectively creates a prototype of Warhammer Quest using their components. Someone must have seen some potential in it because 6 years later it would be produced as a stand along game by workshop designed by Andy Jones.


Eavy Metal gives us a staff feature again and includes that Eldar Titan once again, it was still being used by Golden Demon painters to win awards in 1996.


Marauder miniatures gives us some Dwarf artillery and some drawings of Wood Elf troops.

Genestealers get 7 pages of more background goodness going into their physiology, there is a nice background piece on some Chaos renegades ambushing a hidden Genestealer cult convoy and even a rare Squat mention in the background. This article includes the army list to play them in Rogue Trader.


On the last page there is a picture of Blood Angels terminators assaulting some Orks out of a Land Raider, with the top picture it could easily look like it was part of a larger battle with some forced perspective.


This is of interest for you if:

  • You like Genestealers
  • You like Warhammer Quest
  • You like examples of painted retro wargaming models
  • The main reason is to see that Space Marine advert, it looked awesome.


Model of the month: 

  • Those plastic genestealers would remain in production, outliving the Space Marine Terminators by a long time before eventually being replaced many years later.


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