White Dwarf, vol 1, Issue 114

Space Hulk is now in full force, 40k gets its compendium and Death on the Reik campaign which I swear has been released before.


In Culture Shock it’s noted that they are already working on Space Marine, the follow up / expansion to Adeptus Titanicus. Warhammer fiction gets underway with Drachenfels about to be released. There will be a price rise midway through the year due to a rise in tin prices and the Warhammer Comic that I still can’t find any information about other than in these editorials. Also, Orks are about to get the Realm of Chaos treatment i.e. several lovingly produced books with loads of their articles cut out and featured in White Dwarf for a full year.

Phil Lewis actually converted up the Chaos All Stars BloodBowl team in lovely pink and green team colours. I might do my bathroom like that one day.


An article on Skeleton Chariots lead us into an article on Grey Knight terminators. Did you know that: The original nemesis force halberd bolter only held 3 shots and you had to count how many you used for each model in the unit in every battle?


Taking cues from this the Terminator carried Cyclone Missile Launcher featured next had 12 rounds of Super-Crack ammunition and could either fire them one at a time or everything left in the launcher all at once. This means that for a full salvo of all missiles would place a template with a radius of 6″ that dealt everyone under it a strength 8 hit.

Marauder Miniatures shows off their Dark Elves, they aren’t great and with the exception of their iconic giant most of their models are sadly forgettable.

The excellent rules for using chainsaws in BloodBowl come next. Basically if you decapitated a player you would replace the model with a severed head token that acted like a ball that you could exchange for a team re roll if you got it back to your dugout. They even included cut out and keep head tokens. You don’t get those nowadays.


Alternate damage rules in Adeptus Titanicus lead us into a couple of Eavy Metal pages on the followers of Nurgle and Tzeentch.



Genestealers get some attention after the article on terminators last issue, they haven’t changed that much since 1989, the background is still largely canon. Mike McVey created a 3D multiplayer diorama as he was known for, it’s not as good as his later attempts but at the time it wasn’t bad.


Realm of Chaos brings us Palanquins of Nurgle. When they move leave pools of filth in their wakes that damage anything that moves into it.


Pitfall: The first of many Space Hulk missions comes next and fits into the narrative campaign in the book. Fun fact: During the retaking of the Sin of Damnation the Blood Angels lost 85 men, however due to the involvement of power armoured reinforcements it’s not clear if they were all from the first company. That’s a lot of terminators.


The Eavy Metal section lets the team go wild once again. Two models should immediately pop out here having featured in artwork by John Blanche.


Critical Mass gets a full page again and is followed by the second part to the rules on the colleges of magic in Warhammer Fantasy Battle. The idea at the time appeared to be to create one universal magic table that could apply to all magic users which gave certain benefits to mages on the different part of the colour wheel, however it quickly spun off into a different type of magic for each race and was then only partially implemented for wizards of the Empire.

Is a Palanquin too slow for your Chaos Lord? Realm of Chaos returns for a second time this issues to give rules for Chaos Chariots. Did you know that: Despite being constructed by Chaos Dwarfs the chariots could be the target of The Dispel Magic spell that caused them to collapse?


Remember Citadel Combat cards. From my experiences they were always in the bottom of any sale bin that was rolled out for special events. Jervis Johnson goes into more detail about using them to play Attack!, a game that uses a chess board. Remember chess? It’s what people played before they had iPads.

This issue is finished off with 5 pages for the miniature catalogues at the back followed by an adverts for a board game Trolls in the Pantry featuring a creature that looks like Gobbledigook. NEVER AGAIN.


This is of interest to you because: 

  • It’s an interesting slice of history, the magazine is starting to look like the one that will eventually dominate the 90’s. Articles on space marines to sell models followed by a number of labours of love around Realm of Chaos, board games and scenario designs and a scratch built display by Mike McVey.

Model of the month:

  • The Genestealer Hybrid that came in a pack with 2 other models for £2.99 or in modern day money £6

I know I gave it the model of the month rating for last month as well but a) it’s not clear when it was released and b) I don’t want to give it to the terminators.

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  1. Wait did you miss the Leman Russ back story and artwork? Coulda sworn they were in this issue.

    1. Leman Russ and his wolves are in issue 117. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that as we speak, Genestealer cults 2.0 and a Forgeworld Leman Russ model are being released.

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