White Dwarf, vol 1, Issue 113

After a lot of teasing for the past few issues, here comes Space Hulk.


But before we can get to it there is some excellent content to get through first. The editorial page mentions a number of upcoming products like plastic skeletons, Advanced Heroquest another new GW store and the arrival of Robin Dews. Critical Mass goes down to half a page which is sadly ominous.


Paul Bonner gives us an excellent double page art piece featuring squats attacking something in Rhinos and bikes.


Eavy metal brings us more Warhammer Fantasy Imperial Knights as well as some weird Chaos Squats, Genestealers and Demons included the excellent Genestealer Magus model.



Warhammer Fantasy continues to get some love in the form of a new magic system that brings the colours of magic into existence, a lot of work has gone into this and it’s pretty impressive. The colleges of magic will make up a large chunk in the first Warhammer Armies: Empire book after being refined from this. Rainbow magic indeed?


Mike McVey paints up all the Heroquest figures. If you know someone who played that game ask if they ever looked as good as this.


Space Hulk is here. Set 600 years after the Blood Angels terminators were wiped out by Genestealers in the space hulk named Sin of Damnation.

  • The background material suggests the marines killed 6,000 of them during that engagement.
  • The Gothic class battlecruisers are named Intolerance, Indestructibility and Righteous Power.
  • 100 Terminators are sent in, an entire chapters worth of them. This is the first time Terminators officially become part of a Space Marine chapter.


Also out this month was the first edition of a book by John Blanche called How To Paint Citadel miniatures, this article gives a 8 page rundown of building and painting them with stage by stage pictures which was a breakthrough at that time. There is a RTB01 marine being painted up as well.


Realm of Chaos gets another article of campaigns, obviously the article one them in issue 108 wasn’t enough. This time it’s narrative campaign. It also contains ten ideas for scenarios, appropriate terrain and special rules.


The regular Blood Bowl article this week covers DungeonBowl wandering monsters. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anyone play the DungeonBowl variant, it’s never been added to either version of the computer game either. Maybe the developers have missed a trick? Bonus points for surprise Ambul involvement which makes it the second time one has appeared in the issue.

The Pacification of Flotis 3 is an unusual one, it’s about a Imperial guard regiment sent to quell Orks on a newly discovered world, and contains a double page pencil ad ink price of artwork featuring the whole force.


Marauder miniature gives us proto-Empire troops and proto-Stone Trolls.


The Imperial guard gets its egg on legs style sentinel.


Eavy metal brings us Chaos miniatures and probably one of the first ever colour photos of miniatures being used in an actual battle. Meanwhile the back page features them set up in a diorama setting.


This is for you if:

  • You like Squats
  • You like Warhammer Fantasy magic
  • You like Space Hulk
  • You ever owned Heroquest and want to see what the miniatures look like when painted to the Eavy Metal standard.

Model of the month:

That Genestealer magus model

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