White Dwarf, vol 1, Issue 112

Terminator honours on the front cover, a Space Wolves predator inside.


However more impressive is the artwork to show off the maps of the retail locations in the UK:


The news section covers a whole lot: Space Hulk, Dungeon Bowl, Talisman, White Line Fever and the softcover rulebook of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay are in the pipeline. Which one of these haven’t you heard of? Poor White Line Fever.

Ratspike is on the way followed by Blood and Iron by Les Edward, you’ll know him from the Heroquest artwork here:


The adverts page is an interesting mix: another Ogryn with ripper gun (remember you could still only take one a unit) some Death Eagles space marines, Imperial guard wounded and squat bikers all of which look bizarre.


FYI: The Predator is £5.99 a model, so around £12 today, boxes of 36 Squats and Imperial Guard go for £9.99 each and 6 Warlord Titans are £9.99.

But the big news is that for the third time in three months we have a new designed Terminator Squad. This one has 8 models in, a Captain, Librarian, Sergeant, 3 normal Terminators, one with an assault cannon and one with a heavy flamer. It’s a comprehensive article for Rogue Trader and interesting to note that Space Marines have started to move away from the more mercenary dogs of war into the elite fighting force they are known for being.


Critical Mass gets a new reviewer in David V Barrett who immediately totes Neverness as a novel greater than Dune. I might check that one out.

The miniatures once again come out all in one of the colour pages with sometimes no logic behind them. Ork Trakks and Big Guns are first followed by a variety of Warhammer Fantasy Knights, a Blood Bowl Deathroller and some Eldar Scouts which despite their paintwork look pretty nice for this era and are still in production I think.


Don your conspiracy theory hats now, there is a Paranoia / 40k crossover scenario that involves troubleshooters crossing into the 40k universe. This introduces all kinds of teleporting technology into the canon which the Orks still have. In fact the drawings to go with the article show the troubleshooters looking like Cadian shock troops – the models that would eventually replace the 1989 plastic Imperial Guard set. Interesting.


Rules for the predator come next followed by ready use vehicles in Dark Future. I’m left wondering if there was anything in Dark Future that wasn’t published or changed in White Dwarf on its release. There is finally a page of background for the setting which is one of the things it’s been missing out on, however it does repeatedly mention the events in the game having happened in 1994. Would you create a universe set only 5 years in the future? I bet they didn’t think about what would happen if they had to reprint the game back then.


More Warhammer Fantasy Wardancers with the article carrying on from last issue again it’s for the Roleplay game and not for Fantasy Battle for some reason.

BloodBowl Dwarf Deathrollers get an amusing illustration but I can’t help but feel it’s a missed opportunity for some good flavour text to go with them.

Adeptus Titanicus robots come next with cut down rules to manage their programs in the game rather than the complicated flow diagrams they got in 40k. Another full page of dioramas is great.


Eavy metals has Harlequins and Squats and talks about painting horses.


There are some colour sections for their two new painters Mick Bread and Paul Benson. Mick doesn’t use an undercoat. Heresy.


This is for you if:

  • You brought any of be games published at this time.
  • You want to be a Wardancer.

Model of the month:

The Eldar scouts. They aren’t blessed with a good paint job but they endured for a long while.





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