White Dwarf, vol 1, Issue 95

Free flexidisk by Sabbat. This phase could mean different things in different contexts. Just staring at the words on a blank page makes me think that it’s some sort of component for an industrial machine being advertised in an ill advised radio slot by a local hardware store.
An advert for first edition Fury of Dracula comes next, this has only recently been reprinted and weirdly I only just played the third edition of it last week. It goes to show how long these games go out of print for. The game itself is a solid little gem where up to four players move around a map of Europe trying to discover the trail of destruction left by Dracula himself. £12.99 in today’s money is around £28 which is a bargain and if you can buy the latest version of it you should give it a go.
In the editorial section it was mentioned there was a Thrud meetup held at a games store featuring the person responsible for the comic. Presumably he is still serving his time even now. Meanwhile in the comic the giant blob of PVA glue that is Thrud punches people while my soul dies. They made him part of the rules for 1st edition Blood Bowl so it could have been far worse.
The second part of the Judge Dredd adventure takes up the next 12 pages. There was a lot of content created for this.
Talking about content, there were a lot of miniatures for Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd edition which gets a lovely colour section, very cinematic and very nice to look at.
Following this are the next batch of 40k releases, human Mercenaries which are best left consigned to the history bin and metal space marine dreadnoughts which are victims of weird posing and paint jobs. The Dreads came in at £9.30 in today’s prices so it wasn’t all bad.
If you wanted to have a vehicle and pay less you could try the anti Grav vehicle made out of an antiperspirant stick and a plastic spoon. There are some other conversions, the space marine gunship converted from an Apache helicopter looks very like the Stormtalon gunship, it didn’t look good then and doesn’t look good now.
On the Boil is a new feature for reader submitted Warhammer Fantasy Battle and WFRP content. It’s followed by an advert for a skeleton chariot and skullchucker. This is the age where all undead war machines would be built out of bones, no matter how unusual the proportion of the bones in question.
Next there is an advert for I presume a game called The Battle of the Halji. I can only guess at what people thought of this section without the internet to explain it. Looking it up on Board Game Geek it appears to be a game of evolving monsters and contending with illnesses and then manoeuvring them next to each other to explode. This cost more than a Fury of Dracula and looks to have sunk without trace.
There is a GM only preview of a Stormbringer role play adventure and we get into a section on Sabbat. Basically a lot of people into Warhammer at this time also loved heavy metal so the guys at Games Workshop teamed up with them to make songs, there was even lyrics published in the magazine to go with it which helped if you needed to sing along to it at a childs birthday party or wedding. Also at this time apparently people wanted lots of metal jewellery including a metal guillotine. Classy.
John Blanche gives us some of his paintings and drawing in the next article, interesting fact: He owned a company motorbike.
Continuing the theme from last time. This is of interest to you in 2016 if:
  • You wanted the second half of the Judge Dredd article from last time.
  • You really like Sabbat.
  • You want to see how bad the releases for 40k were at this time.

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