Night of Mystery was a solitaire Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay adventure published in White Dwarf 106 in 1988 by Carl Sargent and illustrated by Paul Bonner. It was essentially a fighting fantasy book ported to a magazine which was awesome, unfortunately the style of adventure was never tried again so I thought that I would port it over to my blog and see what you all made of it.

The original adventure used Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay rules and allowed you to roll dice for the tests and fight the enemies encountered, I’m going to skip that part because its way too complicated. Also because the 15 original Paul Bonner art pieces (which I have kept intact as you will see as you start your adventure) won’t cover all the locations I’ve sourced some appropriate pieces from around the internet.

So lets begin.

Today is Geheimnisnacht, Night of Mystery…


On a balmy evening, as the last rays of the setting sun light up the land with an eerie, almost bloodied glow, you ride toward Grimminghagen. You are in pursuit of a potent magical item, the begemmed Bowl of Oblivion, stolen from the Temple of Morr in Salzenmunt, only this very afternoon.

You have tracked the thieves towards Grimminghagen, and you know they cannot be travelling far from that village; they must have been riding their horses almost into the ground to keep ahead of you. If you didn’t have a superior steed yourself, you might begin to wonder if you could catch them.

All you know about the thieves is that one of them was short, dark-haired and olive skinned. He walked with a slight limp. You don’t know how many others may be with him. That’s the limit of your knowledge. But your gut tells you something more, tonight is Geheimnisnacht the Night of Mysteries, and surely the theft of the Bowl on this day of all days points to some dreadful plan for its misuse.

Like so much of the magic of Morr, such an artifact is double-edged, the magic of the god of Death has been known to be perverted into an instrument of summoning and controlling the Undead and midnight is the hour when such a thing could most easily be done…


Artist: Paul Bonner, White Dwarf 106, 1988