I’ve read a lot of content…

  • White Dwarf vol 1 – from issue 90 up to the present day
  • Wargames Illustrated
  • Miniature Wargames with Battlegames
  • Wargames Soldiers and Strategy
  • White Dwarf vol 2 – (the weekly version)
  • Warhammer Visions
  • White Dwarf vol 3 – (when it comes out)
  • Initiative Magazine
  • The Golden D6
  • The Citadel Journal – (reviews on the way)


There’s some good, some bad and some truly excellent content in the mix and I’d like to filter out the creme that rises to the top and bring it directly to you.

Normally I would publish the results on the Chilvers Industries blog but the level of detail I’d like to go into means it deserves a bit more of a static platform so that it can be enjoyed years from now as its own feature.

If you’d like to learn more, sign up to the mailing list below and in due time I will reveal more about these plans. In the mean time the Chilvers Industries blog will continue publishing its twice weekly content for your pleasure.

… Oh and this.