For the Malign Portents painting competition I’ve been painting up some Stormcast Eternals. This is a competition to paint up a Start Collecting box in a month which is surprisingly hard given the amount of stuff in one of these boxes. Rather than go full gold and shiny with these guys I’ve gone grimy and dirty in an attempt to create a more Blanchitsu style.


I’ve used some pigment on them to make them look like they have been wading through a sandstorm or some other dirty location. Its my first time using pigments so i’m not sure if this is the correct use for them but it covers up a variety of sins when i’m trying to get models painted up quickly.


There are more of these guys coming down the pipe as its the full boxed set plus the Malign Portents character and an extra unit in the coming months.

  • I need to do tutorials for this. Harass me in the comments please.
  • I need to get my photo situation sorted out, these were done on my phone but still don’t look as good as the Imperial Fists,¬† I think I need to get some help and a nice coloured gradient background.