Month: January 2018

Imperial Space Marine – Imperial Fists style

I wasn’t sure what to make of this miniature. As a recreation of an “Iconic” miniature in plastic it is a success. As a stand alone miniature it’s a bit of a mess.


In fairness mistakes were again made on this miniature, there should me more colour on it, especially as I added the studded shoulder pad which should have metallic studs instead.


At least the yellow is nice and flat. I should have at least highlighted it. #firstworldpaintingproblems


The gun didn’t work as intended, I should have brought the base up after the the armour wash and added more highlighting.


I really should scale down these photos.

More Imperial Fists

Painting yellow is hard, it took around 10 test pieces to get the base colour and wash right.


The Eavy Metal tutorials are woefully terrible when it comes to painting yellow, either starting with the spray that’s too light or the base yellow that’s too dark. The trick is Yriel Yellow as the base with Agrax Earthshade in the crevices.


Of course the brutal truth of this army is that now Games Workshop have “changed” Space Marines to the new Primaris true scale the older versions don’t look that great when standing side by side. I suspect they will be making the old sculpts end of life over the next few years.


On the brighter side we have a new gloss version of Agrax Earthshade which in theory might make the painting easier if anyone wanted to try this out themselves.IMG_3062

There are painting mistakes here. I probably shouldn’t have done the transfers on the inside of the cloak. and the loin cloth needs to to be cleaned up. He also could have done with the highlights the rest of the squad are missing.IMG_3140.jpg

Not bad for a unit with no highlights on the yellow.

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