This week I’ve drawn up a list of everything needed to carry before heading to a tournament / organised play event / mega game or just a lazy Saturday at a mates house. Remember that victory cigars and expensive whiskey is optional, however if that’s how you roll you don’t need me pointing some out.

Water, 1 litre – Most people will first thing if the alcohol, this is folly and should be consumed later in the day. Do Not Break The Seal before the afternoon, madness will follow.
Sweets – Reciprocity is the first rule of persuasion and will have them treating you like a king for the rest if the day. Do not do homecoming unless you are a pro.
Pringles – If you have to travel, these are the most efficient to carry around in terms of the air to snacks ratio. Your mileage may vary and you might want to consider nuts instead.
Protein flapjack – These will allow you to continue functioning throughout the day if food is hard to find or prohibitively expensive.
Pen / paper – After a few hours your memory will drain out of you and you will need visual aids for most simple gaming tasks like remembering to move the turn counter on or remembering who you gave things to.
Paracetamol – Headaches are annoying, deal with them ASAP.
Ibuprofen – To cover all bases.
Plasters – It’s unlikely you’ll need them but you will be a hero if you do.
Wound kit / Bandages – If you are going to be prepared you might as well cover all your bases.
Hay fever tablets – It’s on the increase and someone will have been left unprepared, go for the non drowsy type unless you are playing to win.
Anti bacterial wet wipes – When you put lots of gamers in the same space the toilets will run out of paper within minutes, no one thinks of this. Save your self with these.
Earplugs – Nap time is sometimes necessary for multi day events and these will save your REM from the whoops of the drunk magic players at 1am in the morning finishing their epic control matchup.