Welcome to a new type of article called Gear Check, in this I will try and keep an updated list of essential purchases for a certain task. This time around it’s painting miniatures, its focused about stuff that is the easiest to purchase in the UK so if you live elsewhere your mileage may vary.

This blog hasn’t got any affiliate links so feel free to google the kit to find better offers online, I have marked the essentials in bold so you can skip some items if they don’t suit your needs.

Winsor and Newton series 7 miniature painting brush size 0 – This will do eyes and fine detail work with no problem if you want to go that far but I would now consider this a tier 2 pick.
Army Painter Large Drybrush – Both are good and cheap and you will need two as they need to be totally dry before drybrushing or it won’t work.

Rosemary & Co size 0, 1 and 2, SER33 – I have tested these out as I wanted to recommend something cheaper than the Winsor and Newton series 7 size 1 and the Eavy Metal Standard brush that is now out of production and can confirm that they are ideal for miniature painting purposes.

Spray Basecoat:
Corax White Spray – I’ve tried the Army Painter white and its an off white so not ideal.

Chaos Black Spray – If you want to save yourself £1.50 you could use the Army Painter Black Colour Primer Spray as you will be giving the models a base coat of black from a pot after spraying anyway.

Nuln oil – The daddy of the painting world, this shades nearly every colour, works on bases and can be used to draw a black line between two separate colours to make them stand out.
Riekland Fleshshade – the wash used for skin. It now works in places that aren’t Riekland.
Agrax Earthshade – darker brown wash also for use on oranges, yellows, cream, bone, parchment and probably many more. Army painter uses giant pots of brown shade called quickshade to quickly shade entire models.

Seraphim Sepia – probably more of a second tier pick but can be used when you don’t want the extremely brown finish of Earthshade above. It also looks great over silver metals to tone the down and give them a more used look.

Base Paints:
Abaddon Black – Your standard black paint, probably the only paint you will ever need to buy more of.
Averland Sunset – Sometimes you will need to paint yellow over a dark base colour, you will need the patience of a saint to do this without this colour.
Mephiston Red – Your basic red
Caledor Sky – Your basic blue
Waaaagh! Flesh – Your basic green
Rhinox Hide – In the same way the dark brown wash is so useful, this dark reddy brown colour can be used on reds, browns, cream, cloth and the best trick is to basecoat stone before drybrushing on successive layers of grey.
Mechanicus Standard Grey – This is the first colour you use to highlight black and as black is the most popular colour it makes this the most popular highlight.
Leadbelcher – The basecoat for silver or metal, just hit it with any colour of wash to get a nice ethereal effect

Rakarth Flesh – This one doesn’t need to be used exclusively as a base for other colours as its light enough to highlight all browns and light grey. I regularly use this as a final drybrush for all black, grey or brown bases.

Layer Paints:
White Scar – There are two white colours Games Workshop offers, this is the whitest white and matches their base white spray. It can also be used to paint the sclera.
Yriel Yellow – Used for highlighting fire effects, chevrons and by crazy people for painting entire armies.
Lothern Blue – Your basic blue highlight.
Dawnstone – The next stage up from Mechanicus Standard Grey when highlighting black.
Warpstone Glow – Your basic green highlight.
Cadian Fleshtone – The one flesh colour paint in this list, some fleshtone to use your fleshshade on. Ooo err.
Administratum Grey – When painting black you can’t shade it darker to best results are gained by highlighting it twice, this is the second highlight.
Evil Suns scarlet – Your basic red highlight

Runefang Steel – I originally picked one of the Citadel Dry range of paints for this but decided that in order to teach drybrushing you would need a normal paint instead. If you only want the Dry paint get Necron Compound, but don’t come running to me when you want to do some proper grown up edge highlighting with it.

After painting your figure you are probably going to want to base it, the Citadel Base range of textured paints is fine but requires multiple coats and quite restrictive if you want to do anything out of the ordinary, I suggest looking here and picking one you like. Failing that you have enough to to make a decent simple grey base but you will need some basic material first so I recommend…
PVA glue – From any craft shop or online as long as it has a screw top. Don’t trust any that allow you to squirt it out as it will jam up instantly, I have heard good things about a make called Mod Podge but haven’t checked it out yet

Citadel sand – Probably the most controversial thing on this list, many people will tell you to use cat litter or sharp sand and then point you to a 1 kg bag for £1 but for storage purposes you only want a small container and one that you can dip models into without spilling to contents all over the floor so just go with this, it will last you for ages unless you want to batch paint armies with it.

Old cup for storing painting water – Pick this up for a local Poundland or charity shop
Plastic lid for decanting paint onto – Pick this up from your wastebin
Paper towel for cleaning brushes – Pick this up from your kitchen
Plastic sheet or old cloth to drape over table – Probably Poundland again

Sundis Mini Drawer Tower – If you can find something like this it will store all your paints, brushes and models away nicely.

“But wait”, I hear you cry, “I need a specific paint colour to carry out a tutorial I found online”. No problem just use this paint compatibility chart to match whatever type of paint you have having trouble with.
“Can’t I buy X brand elsewhere”. Yes, you can find similar paints cheaper if you can find them but this, it’s is catering to ease of use rather than cheapness. Also you won’t really have to rebuy anything except black and the black wash so they will last you a decent amount of time regardless.